My Mysterious Neighbour.

I live in a flat in a rather nice part of London. The flats in this part of London are very expensive and most of the people who live here are very wealthy. I would say that the majority of them have their own businesses or earn good money working in the City of London. It would perhaps be a stretch to say that I know all of the people who live in the building, but I do know something about most of them. That is apart from one girl. She always goes out in the evening and does not come until late. One of my other neigbours has suggested that she works for an outcall escorts agency. However, in my opinion, she does not look like a tart who would work for a cheap London escorts agency.

All I basically know about her is that her name is Gemma. She looks like she is in her mid 20’s so I guess that would sort of fit in with her working for a London escorts agency. But, she does not dress like a girl that you would associate with a London escorts agency. That is what makes me believe that she owns a club or something like that in London. But, if she owned a club, surely she would talk about what she does for a living.

Sometimes I really do wonder about her lifestyle. She seems to disappear for days at the time. When she comes back home, she often comes back pulling her suitcase along with numerous shopping bags from to designers. She does look very smart and always carries a nice bag. Another one of my neighbours has suggested that she may perhaps work for an elite London escorts agency. You know, what one of those London escorts agencies where you pay thousands to date a girl. Perhaps my other neighbour is right.

The few times I have spoken to Gemma, she has always been very pleasant. She is a fantastic looking girl. I guess that is another reason why so many people who live in our apartment block think that she works for a London escorts agency. But, she does not look over the top sexy. She always looks smart. Personally, I don’t think that you get a lot of London escorts who go to work in designer outfits from Chanel.

What if she works for a high-class London escorts agency? To me, it would not really matter. But, I do know that many men who live here are fascinated by her. They make up all sorts of stories. One moment she is a top-class London escort, and the next minute she is a spy. Maybe she is s spy. She has that sort of femme fatale Mata Hari look about her. With her long legs and lovely figure you could imagine her being one of those girls who seduce heads of states or leading businessmen to get their secrets out of them.