The good travel companion

My friends often wonder why I always date Hammersmith escorts in. The reason is simple – I feel that I have something in common with the girls from this agency. Naturally, there are tons of stunning escorts all around London, but I think that there is something special about Hammersmith girls. I have found that not all girls who work as escorts in London are super friendly, but all of the girls that I have dated at Hammersmith escort services of have been great. I am happy with the girls that I have met, and this is why I keep going back to them.

Do I have any favorite Hammersmith escorts? I do have a couple of favorite girls at the agency. Elaine is a girl that I have a lot in common with. She has traveled a lot and so have I, we are both real travel junkies and love to talk about the places that we have been to. It would be fun to Elaine on a trip as I am sure that she would make a really good travel companion. Her favorite destination in the world is Thailand, and I love visiting Thailand as well. There is nothing as lovely as a Thai beach.

Tina is another girl who has worked for Hammersmith escorts for quite some time now. We also have a lot in common, and we are both food fanatics. Tina loves to cook and so do I when I have some time off from work. Tina takes her cooking a little bit more seriously than I do and has even done proper cooking classes. Sometimes, when I come to her apartment, I can just smell the remains of something really great. She made me a bowl of soup once which was totally to die for, and it certainly warmed me up.

Angela is one of my favorite girls at Hammersmith escorts. She loves interior design. Whilst I really like my place to look nice, I am no good at interior design. She came around to my flat recently and we were able to put together a new decorating scheme. It now looks really nice, and I am sure that I would use her again. I know that she has not been professionally trained, but it does not matter. We have a lot in common when it comes to interior design. Just like me, she loves to have a home that flows together.

It is amazing but when you get chatting to your favorite Hammersmith escorts, it is easy to discover the things that you do have in common. There are a lot more to escorts, and I really disagree with gents, who call them blonde bimbos. I have never met an escort who I considered being a blonde bimbo. All of the girls that I have dated have been smart and I have always found that I have something in common with them. Yes, I think that we are too quick to judge our escort companions, and we should look behind the facade.

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